The HOOSIERS Tokyo 12. 10 wed at Duo Music Exchang

I took part in the greatest gig in my life tonight. It was performed by the HOOSIERS at SHIBUYA, Tokyo. It couldn’t be better. That was absolutely amazing and it was much better than I thought it would be!


☆The stage. It was very simple but it showed their originality and character very well. It's shame that you can not see the details of the stage with my picture.

Actually, I was totally depressed yesterday because of my aunt. I do not say she is a bad person but she is quite autocrat.

It seems that she does not care how other people feel at all with her insensitive and thoughtless words. It was me who was the victim yesterday.

I was crying after work and called my mother who has lived very far from Tokyo. I wished she could cheer me up but on the contrary she crashed my heart with her thoughtless as well. To be honest, I feel sometimes my mother comes from out of space.

Anyway, I got more depression after talking with my mother. I felt that I was dead hopeless and then I was going to ring my aunt in order to say that I would quite. However, I could not do that after all because I knew that if I would really quite; I could not forgive myself who escape from the problems that might hit me again even though the problems would change their forms. That’s why I hung up the telephone and started listening the CD of the HOOSIERS for the gig that was being held the next day in order to change my mind.

At 7 pm, they appeared wearing their odd costumes that were illuminated with small coulorful lights with the intro of “The Feeling You Get When” and suddenly the music changed to “THE TRIC TO LIFE” and the wonderful stage started like that.

I do not remember the order of songs but anyway there was no song that did not play from their album THE TRIC TO LIFE. Besides, they performed their new songs and the covered song that Irwin said that he stole (^^); one of the new songs that it might have been called “Sacri- something”. The last song before the encore was “WORRIED ABOUT RAY”

Of course everybody had been waiting for being performed “GOODBYE MR A” and so everybody shouted “MR A” during calling for an encore.

After a little while, Irwin appeared again with his acrostic guitar and sang “MONEY TO BE MADE” and then finally “GOODBYE MR A” was played. Feeling over the gig ran highest at the moment. I was also most impressed with this song tonight because when I was in England last year, it was the song that my English friend showed me the music video and it was the first Brit Pop I came to love. I have listened again and again since I had the album and now I perfectly remember the lyric and can sing. Unfortunately, Irwin forgot a part of lyric tonight but it was no problem because I could see his very lovely smile to hide his embarrassment. I suppose that he also really enjoyed tonight as much as the audiences did.

He sometimes moved like a spring puppet. His movement was very interesting and lovely. He was smiling very brightly. He was much more attractive than I had imagined. Tonight was the first time for me to see real him and I have come to love him as same as I love his music.

Honestly speaking, I imagined that he was a bit odd and an affected person but on the contrary he seemed very friendly and very agreeable. He repeated again and again “Thank you” in Japanese and it seemed that he always cared about the audience; when he spoke in English, he always asked weather we could understand or not what he said and always made us happy with his sense of humor.

I suppose that I was really lucky tonight. I could see the stage from the distance that was only about 3 meters away. I never imagined I could have such a great opportunity in my life. If I was not living in Tokyo, I could not have gone to the gig tonight. I decided again to bear up under the difficult situation I have been now in order to have another great opportunity here and make me be more mature.


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