I went to the cinema to see a Japanese movie

I had a busy day today with my work. There were so many customers at the restaurant. I wished that the half of them would have come yesterday and the rest would have come today. I became really very tired after work but I went to the cinema to see a Japanese film, which I wanted to see since long time ago. It was “ The partner 相棒”
I am attaching the address underneath.


Today is the first day of July. You can get a reduction of almost 50 % every 1st day of month. Actually, I love going to the cinema, but it is quite expensive in Japan as same as in England so I was looking forward to the first day, which I can get a reduction.

I pretty enjoyed this movie. It was much more interesting than I thought it would be so I was happy. If it were bored I might have got sleepy because of today’s work.
I like detective stories like Sherlock Holmes. Actually, I am a big fan of his stories. I have been to Baker Street 221b, where it was set in these stories.

The main character of this Japanese movie is modeled on Sherlock Holmes actually.
I love this main character very much. That’s why I went to see even though I was tired.
I do not say it was wonderful but I was quite satisfied with it. I hope I can see a sequence in near the future.






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2008年06月02日 21:55
Hi,Meihua-sann! It's really nice for you to enjoy movies after work,especially hard one,because it might be refreshing!By the way "相棒”is one of my granma's favorite TV dramas,which I'm sorry I've never watched before. But I actually appreciate Mizutani's acting. He is a nice actor,I think!
And I can't really wait to watch the Korean movie which you recommend(?) me the other day(^^).
2008年06月03日 00:14
Hi Ai! How's it going? I had very few customers today but I'm still feeling tired maybe because of yesterday's hard work^^;
Actually, I really have a high regard for Mr. Mizutani's acting so I am very happy to hear that you like him as well.Maybe you should go to see this movie with your granma.

2008年06月03日 00:18
About the film, I am also looking forward to going to see that Korean movie because even though I just saw the trailer only a bit, I am sure that it will be great. Their acting looks like wonderful, doesn't it?

By the way,I bought a book whose title is "The contract of love for unlucky Mr. Fuwa" Did you already read it? I would like to show it,if you have not had yet.

Anyway,I'll email soon. ではではまた♪