My favourite Chinese song

I do not know why but my restaurant has not been busy at all recently. Even though it's at the weekend, we had a quite small number of customers today and so we closed the restaurant at only three p.m. and then the two of my Chinese colleagues and I went to Karaoke. It was my first time to go out with them. Luckily, I had greater fun that I thought I would have.

I know that some foreigners look down on Karaoke but it might bring you great fun if you try it. In fact, my New Zealander friend told me that he had thought that Karaoke would be a quite silly Japanese pastime before going there with his Japanese girlfriend. But as soon as he tried it once, he came to love singing at a Karaoke Box. He has found it really very enjoyable. He thinks that it is wonderful to be able to have some nice food and drink, singing songs with his friends. He has changed his mind completely after experiencing it for real.

I suppose that Chinese people like Karaoke as much as Japanese people do, maybe more.
As you may imagine, I like singing as well. I used to go Karaoke once a week when I was young. Unfortunately I could not afford to go when I was in England. It might be crazy price, if you want to go there in England unless you have money.

Anyway, I spent two hours singing Chinese songs that I learned a long time ago. To be honest I prefer studying Chinese rather than English. Of course I like English very much as well but when I listen to Chinese, especially Beijing dialect, it sounds like beautiful music to me. I used to study Chinese by using Chinese Pop music. As far as I am concerned being interested in that country’s culture is the shortest way to master its language. It could be the biggest motivation to gain a foreign language.

Besides, my favorite Chinese singer is Ren Xian qi(任賢齊)
If you are interested in Chinese Pop Music, please try to listen to one of his most famous songs.






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