My older cousin came to see me today again.

My older cousin came to my flat today again in order to present to me some water melons which I had told him that I just could eat at the moment. I am unable to eat apart from fruits now maybe because of my cold.


★the foods that my older cousin brought to me today. I love water melons

As I told yesterday, my older cousin is a bit selfish person, just like a spoilt child, who does not know how to take care of other people except his mother. That’s why I sometimes feel very sad and depressed with his attitude and words. But he seems that he is trying hard to change himself after I told him about his selfishness the day before yesterday. I can imagine it is quite hard for him to do it because I had a similar experience when I was in England.

Wife 2 offered me that she would bring Korean rice porridge to me. But I declined her offer because I would not want to bother her any more. Besides, I was unable to eat except fruits anyway. I was happy with just only her kind offer. I think I am happy after all surrounded by such kindly people.

By the way, what did I do today? I think I had a good day today as I prayed last night.
I have finished reading a book which I bought yesterday. It is called “GROW BACK”
I tried to find the mean of “GROW BACK” with my dictionary but I did not manage to do. Could someone tell me what this title means?



Just staying at home is quite boring. I would like to go back to my work immediately.
Then, I would like to go to an English pub to get a pint of Old Speckled Hen. I am meeting my friend at the pub next Tuesday.
I have to get over until Tuesday otherwise I can not have my favorite beer.






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