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I went to England this week end.This is the first time that I have been to the country where they are spoken English.
I took the EUROLINE for going to Londonヾ(^_^;
It made me tired too much…
I never take it again.

Anyway I spent scrumptious time at Godalmin(South area of London)with my good friend and his family.They were very kind!


When I left the home ,I wanted cry,I feld so sad.(ρ.-)

My friend brought me London and we took “London eye”He had reserved the thicket for me yesterday.He did a lot of things for me.

After taking “London eye”we ate “Hush and Chips”It was also very nice!After than we went to China town.It was smaller than I thought,but I was happy because he gave me a present ,which I would like to see the DVD.

When I checked in EUROSTAR,I wanted cry once again.

It took about 7 hours from London to Amboise(Small town ,Centre area of France)
Now I am so tired ,I do not go to a school(=_=)
(Now I am learning French at Amboise)


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どういたしまして! I'm happy that you enjoyed your time in England! It's great that you have written such a positive article about it. We all think that your English improved a lot in only 3 days. すごい! Come back any time. We will have crumpets, Yorkshire Puddings and fish and chips waiting for you!
2006/06/07 23:09

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